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Wilhelm Kessler
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216 ABY


265 ABY (Over Rendili, Battle of Rendili)

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New Era


Wilhelm Kessler is an Imperial Admiral and commander of the 11th Imperial Fleet as well as a member of the Department of Naval Intelligence.


Born into the rather prestigious Kessler family, the Kesslers were well known Imperial industrialist of Kessler Incorporated who helped supply the Empire's military adventures since it's founding. Wilhelm was the first of the family to join the Imperial Navy. Kessler received favored treatment in school because his father had the influence to do so. Kessler was pressed to join the Imperial Army like his brothers had done but he refused and forged his own path as a distinguished Imperial Lieutenant aboard various ships.

His shinning moment came when Kessler served aboard the Kraken, an Imperial III-class Star Destroyer under command of Captain Regus. Captain Regus was killed during a boarding action on the bridge and Kessler quickly assumed command and steered the ship away from the enemy while launching a salvo of missiles and turbolasers to distract the enemy. The faint lured the enemy ship to come closer and soon it bore the full brunt of the Empire's massive war machine. Kessler was hailed as hero for his efforts, from there he career skyrocketed and culminated in 260 ABY when he was promoted to Admiral and given temporary commands throughout the Empire.

In 263 ABY under orders of Executor Hadrian, he was transferred to the Imperial Deparment of Naval Intelligence and asked to conduct recon and informational operations to further gather information about the New Republic Navy and associated organizations. Kessler died in 265 ABY when his shuttle was destroyed by the incoming New Republic battlegroup during the Battle of Rendili.


Admiral Wilhelm Kessler is a very dedicated and concise individual making him both dangerous and highly valuable. Instilled at a young age the pride and honor it took to be an Imperial Admiral, Wilhelm lives by the Imperial "Junker" method of life, which core tenants are honor and above all pride of ones Empire.


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