Production information

Yaga Minor Shipyards

Product line

Imperial Star Destroyers


Star Destroyer


Imperial III-class

Technical specifications
  • Erus Bellum
  • 3rd Stormtrooper Legion (1st Stormtrooper Division Emperor's Guard)
Earliest sighting

260 ABY, Above Rotas V


Kicka Empire

"The's classified."
―Unnamed Imperial Navy Captain

The Victrix is the carrier for the only Imperial titan the Erus Bellum; it is staffed by an elite crew from across the Imperial Navy and is under direct orders from the Emperor.

Service HistoryEdit

The Victrix was created by order of Kicka Empire Hadrian Kicka and was created with carrying the Erus Bellum in mind. Emperor Hadrian had the ship crafted at Yaga Minor Shipyards under complete secrecy and had a crew which could be considered "elite" transfered to the project; each of them taking an Oath to keep the secret of the Erus Bellum or face the penalty of death. The Victrix was first seen above Rotas V on Assignment for the Emperor, it was partaking in Operation: Blackened Day.


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