Valannus Mining Corp.
Valannus Mining Corporation
Organizational information

Unknown Valannus

Led by

CEO Titan Valannus

  • Valannus Mining Corporation - Mimban (Dolovite)
  • Valannus Mining Corporation - Alzoc III (Alzoc Pearl)
  • Valannus Mining Corporation - Mygeeto (Nova crystal)
  • Ord Mantell
  • Galaxy-wide
Primary role(s)
  • Mining
  • Refining
Major products
  • Ore
  • Metals
Chronological and political information

210 ABY


Valannus Mining Corporation is a galaxy-wide Mining corporation which was founded on Ord Mantell in 200 ABY and is lead by the Valannus family. The current CEO is Moff Titan Valannus who is attributed with bringing the Valannus Corporation to a new age of mining and refining, the corporation now works on several planets galaxy wide and is considered one of the foremost suppliers of ore and metal to the Empire.

Chief Executive OfficersEdit

  • Titan Valannus - r. 2.. ABY through 261 ABY.
  • Adrik Valannus - r. 261 ABY through 2.. ABY.


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