The timeline of the Galactic Empire extends far back to the time of Emperor Palpatine and it his first Galactic Empire. The term Galactic Empire has been used as a way to quasi-describe many governments which have succeeded the original Galactic Empire; the latest the Kicka Empire is the only government beside Darth Kyrat's Empire to expand over the entire known galaxy.


  • Galactic Empire - Canon history
  • Imperial Remnant - Canon histor
  • Fel's Galactic Empire - Canon history
  • Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire - Canon history
  • Fel's Empire-in-Exile - Canon history
  • Imperial Republic - just before SW:G GE.
  • Galactic Empire (Mar) - 140 ABY - mid 255 ABY
  • Kicka Empire - 255 ABY - 260 ABY
  • Third Galactic Empire (Fel) - 260 ABY - 262 ABY
  • Second Kicka Empire - 262 ABY - 265 ABY
  • Imperial Remnant - 265 ABY - Present

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