Sovereign State of Mandalore
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  • Nal Hutta
  • Nal Hutta
  • Nar Shaddaa
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New Mandalorian Empire


260 ABY


261 ABY

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The Sovereign State of Mandalore is the new name and goal of the most recent Mandalorian Empire. Changed by the small, silent revolt of Adenn Gra'tua Ogden with the assistance of the E'tad'nare, Marcus stepped down from the title of Mandalore and, along with his confidants, left. Adenn declared Kuffaw the new Mand'alore and set to work redirecting the momentum that Marcus had generated.


Formed in 260 ABY and unofficially dissolved in 261 ABY


In order to continue the effective and organized Empire Mandalore Marcus had set up,

With the influx of recruits from the recent Nal Hutta conquest, ranks have swelled to great numbers. Most of them being Nal Hutta citizens who were presented an ultamatum to either become a Mandalorian soldier or become useful in slave labor.Since the new recruits were mostly forced, they are barred from becoming anything higher than Sergeant.


  • Mandalorian Intelligence - The street-savvy and space-smart Mandalorians of this organization are the ones that are rarely ever on Nal Hutta and are sometimes forgotten to exist. They bring valuable information, however, from all corners of the Galaxy, from the most obscure nooks and crannys.
  • MDSR - The Mandalorian Department of Science and Research is another vital part of the Mandalorian Empire. The department is responsible for creating and researching new technologies to help the Mandalorian War Campaigns. It is also responsible for researching enemies for weaknesses and exploiting them to give the Mandalorians an edge over their opponents. The organization was founded by Demagola whom found and cataloged numerous ways to defeat force users and modernized much of the Mandalorian weaponry used today.
  • Slavers - Slaves is a vital part in the Mandalorian Empire. They are the Mandalorian's work force and are tasked to work long hours in the factories producing war machines and armor to supply the Empire's campaigns. The slaves are also tasked to build up the number of defense towers, fortifications, and citadels littered on Mandalorian controlled planets. Slave work force is never low and slaves can be shipped to other planets if need be. Mandalorians increase their slave work force by adding the people of captured planets, captured enemies, disgraced Mandalorians, and also buy them from various other slaves. Mandalorian members(2nd Class Rally Masters and up) may become slavers and are tasked with the duties of increasing the slave numbers, using them to construct something productive on a Mandalorian controlled planets, and making sure they are controlled.
  • Mandalorian Super Commandos - There men are the most historically feared people in the Mandalorian Army. Those placed in the Super Commandos are of the best in the Military and only used for the most difficult battles and the most dire of times. When they dispatched, the Mandalorians consider the battle won.
  • T.A.L. - A five men elite commando unit started up by Domino. It stands for Tactical, Assassination, and Liberations. The group is mainly for stealth and tactical operations.
  • E'tad'nare - The Force-branch of the Mandalorian Military. Their skills cover a wide range of Force abilities, specified into six classes within their overall structure.
  • Cuy'val Dar - An elite corps of the best of the best Mandalorians. These men and women must meet the highest and most rigid of requirements to be recruited into this unit. Covered head to toe in tatooes that let anyone who can read Mando'a know that they do not exist and given sheer black armor with white markings that match the tatooes on their body. All Mandalorians admire, respect, and fully ignore the Cuy'val Dar, allowing them to move freely among the people without any form of interference. Used partially as internal affairs enforcers, the Cuy'val Dar are also sent on missions of extreme fragility- not existing allows the Mandalorian Government to shun all responsibility if a Cuy'val Dar is caught.


Adenn re-arranged the ranking structure once more, making it fit a more cascading structure to allow a smoother chain of command, limiting the numbers at the top and fluffing the numbers of the lower ranks.

  • Manda'lor- Leader of the empire and all who are in it
  • High General- Essentially the Second In Command of the state, the High General oversees all of the details required to running an army.
  • General- Leads the various subdivisions of the Mandalorian Army
  • Fleet Marshal- Leads an individiual fleet within each army
  • Ship Marshal- In charge of an individual ship and all of its crew and cargo
  • Field Marshal- In charge of approximately 80,000-200,000 soldiers (made up of several divisions)(Highest rank that is physically on the ground in a battle)
  • Division Marshal- In charge of approximately 10,000-15,000 soldiers (made up of several brigades)
  • Brigade Marshal- In charge of approximatley 3,000-5,000 soldiers (made up of many troops)
  • Battle Marshal- In charge of approxmiately 500-1000 soldiers (made up of many squads)(Highest rank that is on the front lines in a battle)
  • Marshal- In charge of approxmiately 50-100 soldiers (made up of many units)
  • Captain- In charge of 20-50 sodldiers
  • Sergeant- In charge of 5-10 soldiers
  • Private- Takes orders from everyone higher than them
  • State Fleet- The first and thus far only fleet of the Sovereign State of Mandalore.
    • 1 Aggressor-class Star Destroyer[1] (plus complement of Teroch-class starfighters)
    • 2 Keldabe-class battleships.[2](plus complement of Teroch-class starfighters)
    • 1 Hellfire-class heavy frigate.[3]
    • 50 Teroch-class starfighter.[4]
    • 2 TBTU-class orbital platform (1st completed at the end of Telona{Oct. 24 2010}, 2nd at end of Yelona{Nov. 25th 2010})[5]
    • 1 Imobilizer 418 cruiser.(completed at the end of Nelona{Nov. 1 2010})[6][7]
    • ? Various privately-owned ships.
  • State Army- The first organized army of the Sovereign State of Mandalore
    • 500,000 ground troops

Nationalized CompaniesEdit

These are the companies that were nationalized by the Sovereign State of Mandalore

  • MandalMotors[8][9]
    • Shipyards in use: 1
    • Shipyards under construction: 1- Should be in service by the end of Nelona{Nov. 1 2010}

Notable MandaloriansEdit