Battle of Felucia (Imperial-Chiss War)

Raids on the Empire of the Hand

Imperial-Chiss War


Late 233 ABY


Western fringes of the galaxy

  • Empire of the Hand Fleet destroyed.
  • Empire of the Hand Destroyed.
  • Grand Admiral Kato, Admiral Dax and Narua killed.
  • Outer Rim 3rd Fleet
  • 30 Imperial II-class Star Destroyers
    • Palatine
    • Inquisitor
    • Death
    • Marquee
    • Warrior

Loss of crew members and pilots, relatively little damage to or casualties to major units.

Entire Empire of the Hand leadership and forces.

""Destroy the Main Cities, then send the legions down to destroy it! NOW! I cannot wait for the Republic and the Empire to show up to try and doubt me!""
Grand Admiral Kato.

The raids on the Empire of the Hand were a series of numerous Imperial and Republic attacks on the Remnant of the Empire of the Hand in their retreat from the galaxy. Grand Admiral Kato had lost the support of the Chiss at home and was forced to withdraw from the galaxy. Many historians and political experts state that the Imperial intervention into the Mandalorian-Chiss War was a reprisal for the attacks during the Empire of the Hands resurgence.


The Empire of the Hand had attacked Imperial and Republican monitoring stations on Fellucia during the Battle of Felucia (Imperial-Chiss War) causing the Empire and the Republic to dispatch fleets to defend their interest on Felucia which had become the site of negotiations for peace over the past two years. Massive Imperial and Republic bases littered the Felucian wilderness and pacts had been made with local Shamans and leaders to fight proxy wars on the planet. It came to a head when Grand Admiral Kato realized this would entice the Imperials and Republic.



Empire of the Hand Retreat

In blue highlights the Empire of the Hands retreat throughout the galaxy.