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New Republic Senate

New Republic Chancery election

Helona, 263 ABY


New Republic


New Republic Senate


Tyrral Vand elected Supreme Chancellor.


Tyrral Vand
(Senator from Corellia)

Aristacule Reeve
(Incumbent Supreme Chancellor)


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The New Republic Chancery election of 263 ABY is considered by political experts to be one of the most important Chancery elections ever. The New Republic has continually suffered at the hands of the Kicka Empire and the two candidates faced off in various debates and discussions before the election. The main topics were economics, defense against the Kicka Empire and agricultural production of the Republic.


Tyrral Vand the Senator from Corellia ran on a very powerful platform against the incumbent Supreme Chancellor which from the outside looked like political suicide, Reeve had suffered from a debilitating illness that had marred his Chancellorship in 262 ABY. Vand came in and with much vigor and power won the election in a landslide victory in the Senate.

Election and AftermathEdit

The election occurred on Helona 17th, 263 ABY and saw Tyrral Vand elected as Supreme Chancellor. Vand ran on the platform of a strong military and anti-Imperial beliefs. The election was soon questioned when it was reported that former Supreme Chancellor Reeve was no where to be found, however police have ruled out any involvement of Vand. Vand immediately took to running the Republic as he had when he became caretaker Chancellor the year before. Out of the 763 Senators, 600 had voted for Vand and 163 for the incumbent Chancellor.

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