Biographical information



181 ABY (84 GSY)

Physical description

Human (Genetically Enhanced)





Hair color


Eye color


Skin color

Fair (Tanned)

Chronological and political information
Known masters

Alexandros Constantini

Nero is a male genetically altered human who is a member of the Imperial Custodes and currently serves as Shield-Captain of the Order. Nero is the second highest ranking member of the Order to be visible to the galaxy. Nero is the personal bodyguard to Hadrian Kicka while Alexandros Constantini serves as the bodyguard to Alaric Kicka


Much akin to Alexandros, Nero's early life is shrouded in mystery and has been entirely stricken from the Imperial records with the highest clearance. Nero however is known to come from Bastion. Nero was tasked with becoming a member of the Dark Jedi Order due to his unnatural level of force sensitivity, Nero had completed the basic indoctrination and force training before going onto full training. Aeaolen had personally tasked Alexandros on finding members to be part of the new Order of Custodians, the personal guard of the Emperor and eventually the Kicka family.

Nero was saved when Alexandros intervened and stopped his training as a Dark Jedi and brought him to become a Custodian. Nero became member number 2 and obtained the position of Shield-Captain. Nero currently serves the Empire and the Kicka family to this day, he is currently the Chief Custodian of the bodyguard unit of Hadrian Kicka.


Nero is much akin to Alexandros in the sense that he is extremely quiet and reserved, however Nero is somewhat talkative when it comes to certain people. Nero has an acute sense of trust when it comes to people and it's rare but if he can trust you, he'll reveal some of himself to you. Nero is one of the most dedicated Custodians in the Order, he also is one of the most brash.

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