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"I admired how innocent she did look. Like a doll and despite all the beauty she believed a monster lived inside."
Avan Exellius
Luminotia Anama Pendragon also called Luna, retains the status of one of the age's most renowned and important Jedi. She was born on Vjun but raised quietly on the planet Naboo by her parents, Sirius Pendragon and Mara Sentirios. Through her strive and preservation she had helped end an age where fear of the Sith dominated the galaxy and introduced the profession of Sith hunting to the New Jedi Order. Luna was also partly responsible of starting the Jedi Covenant and also starting the Covenant Purgers. Currently she is the a General of the 42nd Regiment, creator of the Illuminotra Victory Fleet, and New Republic Cabal member.

Luna is considered to be the last of the Pendragon Family and therefore the sole heir to the Pendragon Estate and whats left of their once grand forture. She is unaware of her heritage on the planet Anaxes and unaware of why much of her family is dead.

History Edit

Birth and Early ChildhoodEdit

Luminotia Anama Pendragon was born on Vjun, where all Pendragon are brought to be conceived, but she was raised on the beautiful planet of Naboo by her parents Mara Sentirios and Sirius Pendragon. Her name Luminotia was long for Luna, feminine for Lunar because her grey eyes reminded her parents of the moon. Luminotia was raised perfectly by the tender care of parents. She spent days in the gardens around Naboo and the pools learning how to swim at a very young age. Luminotia became fascinated with plant life because of her mother’s garden and maintained her own little batch when she was three eventually falling in love with her favorite fruit: The Apple. She also loved her hair because it was the softest thing she had and never let anyone touch it or cut it making it grow as longer then normal girls her age. Her mother and father still worried about Luminotia going out in public because of her blindness, but knew she was honing her force abilities at a very young age to generate small and temporary sight whenever she wished it.

Her public life however was scarce. When Luminotia did go out into the cities, but she had to have her hand held at all times for her parents fear she’ll be easily lost or bump into something. Other kids her age found Luminotia strange and different because of inability to see them and her unusual stare that scared most of them. She didn’t care what they thought of her however, Luminotia barely cared about others and her own appearance too because she couldn’t actually see them.

From time to time, her mother would bring her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to show the masters her daughter. Mara, being a Jedi Master at one point but left the Order to take care of Luna, promised her daughter that if she was ever in trouble that the Jedi would be the perfect place to seek help.

When Luminotia reached her age of five she started to be home schooled by her mother since other normal schools couldn’t handle the blind. She learned much from her mother and loved to learn about new things especially plants and sea creatures. Luminotia was a bright girl regardless of her disability and most neighbors knew it. She also learned proper etiquette and even learned how to dance in duets by holding onto her mother and following her path exactly.


Luna as a child

However her father, Sirius, was home rarely because of his duties. Mara knew of this, but gave Sirius the benefit of the doubt. Luminotia, because rarely seeing him didn’t love him as much as her mother. Sirius did love Luminotia with all his heart though, the days he was home he smothered his daughter with love and did his best to teach in the ways of combat just incase. Mara didn’t like it, but Sirius convinced her it was for the best. Luminotia learned much from him as well since Sirius moved Luminotia’s hands himself to commence a perfect swing or block with a saber until she got the hang of it eventually winning the child’s affection as well. Sirius did worry a lot because of her blindness and was worried she’ll be in a situation where she couldn’t do anything because of it. He often said he would give Luminotia his eyes if he could. Luminotia sense Sirius’s worries every time she did something semi reckless, but it only encouraged her do it more often. Sirius loved to give Luminotia piggy back rides and carry her around town over his shoulders.

However Luminotia was going through a change. Ever since the day she tried to make friends with some of the neighborhood kids she hadn’t been the same. Luna left the home hearing cheerful playing, but kids only made fun of her for her difference and bullied her to no end. It was at this time Luna noticed how her blindness effected other people. Her attitude from cheery started to fade away as the coldness of her eyes began to become more noticeable. Luna began to notice how different she was from the others. She had overheard a conversation her parents made about her having to try harder to make a mark on life then others and how people will look down at her. Luminotia didn’t smile as much anymore and she spent most of her time in the house. Mara and Sirius didn’t know why she acting differently, but feared her status when they find her a lot sitting in the darkness with a depressed face. She began to neglect her teachings, pets, and plants letting them whither in place of wallowing in the dark.

It only was made worse when Luna almost drowned when playing in the pond in the backyard. Her mother went in to get a towel and Luna cramped up and sunk. Luckily Mara returned and recued her before Luna could give out. Luna had developed a fear of water ever since.

Over the months, neighborhood kids began to think of her as that creepy blind girl as she gave them strange looks and sometimes short tempered outbursts. Luminotia became very dark over the time and started to keep more secrets from her loving parents. Sirius and Mara tried to help and ask why, but Luminotia had developed a short temper and lashed out at them from prying. The house had gotten much quieter and depressing ever since.

The Dark TimesEdit

It was never the same again when the Sith came to their quiet little home. Sirius was back on duty and the Sith started to ransack the neighborhood. The town’s people tried to fight back, but it was no use. Overwhelmed, Mara quickly took Luminotia and fled to a Jedi sanctuary called Aub Simbel to hide with the Jedi Masters who resided there.

At Aub Simbel, Mara and Luminotia were greeted at the church by a few of the masters and kept there for safe keeping. However their luck wouldn’t have been enough to save them. A Sith fleet descended upon the planet with orders of obliterating the Jedi population on Aub Simbel once and for all. The planet was quickly set a blaze as Sith and Jedi forces clashed to the death all over the planet surface. It wasn’t soon before the Church was also invaded by a Sith force, however the force was led by none other then Luna’s father, Sirius.

Grief stricken that Sirius would turn to the darkside, Mara tried to reason to Sirius for him to come back but the darkened father only demanded Mara hand over Luna to him. Mara refused and so Sirius struck Mara till Aron Sentirios, Mara’s brother came to her rescue and forced Sirius into a dual with him. Mara fled back to Luna to comfort her but only heard a yell when Sirius struck off Aron’s arm during the fight. When Sirius was about to deliver the final blow to Aron, Mara jumped into the way and let the lightsaber nearly cut her down the center.

As Mara died, Luna felt her warm blood around her body as she cried for Mara not to die but it was too late. Aron had fled away from the church and Sirius had gotten Luna and took her to Korriban to see his master, Lord Xirque.

While on Korriban Luna was thrown into a prison while she immediately enlisted into the Academy to become a future Sith. Lord Xirque took Luminotia in his care having sensed her dormant potential. He spent hours convincing Luna that she was above everyone else because of her blindness and everyone who thought differently should be punished. His words eventually got to Luna and she began to want revenge.

Even though Luminotia was saddened by her mother’s death at Aub Simbel is only fueled her anger and power. It was at that very moment in the Sith Academy Luminotia revealed she was gifted with tremendous power. Her years of depending on the force had given her an advantage over other Sithlings.

Needless to say, Xirque was very proud of her. He continued sending other Sith in to tell Luna that she was a freak and would never be loved by anyone. Luna was young and naïve so she believed these words which made her slip in anger trips and depression. Xirque continued to influence Luna's depression and anger hoping to make her into a wondrous Sith weapon. However it all ended abruptly when Sirius stood up to Xirque. Not knowing Luna was near, Xirque made Sirius admit to killing Mara. Luminotia heard this and went into a saddened fury screaming, kicking, and cursing at her father. She believed the only one she could now trust was Xirque. She was wrong, seeing the final opportunity to destroy Luna's innocence Xirque called her a freak and couldn’t believe she thought he liked her as a friend. Luna couldn’t believe what she heard and began to hear all the Sith in the room begin to laugh. Luna begged and pleaded for them to stop laughing at her, but they wouldn't. In a confused and weeping state Luna fled from the Temple as quick as she could.

Sirius tried to run after her, but it was too late, Luna was gone. Luna tried to hide and unknowingly stowed onboard a cargo ship bound for another Sith planet. However in space the ship was captured and brought to Coruscant two days later. After inspection, Luna was found near death in a cargo chamber. She was immediately brought to the med bay where she awoke after a day of healing. The laughter and nasty comments about her inferiority was still fresh in her mind. The doctor began to ask her questions where she came from or she was, but Luna thought she couldn’t trust him or anyone and in a sudden rage she killed him by accident being unable to control her force.

Luna weepingly left the med bay on her own and collapsed just outside. A nearby Jedi watchman sensed her and took her to the Temple. He could tell her mind was in pain and tried to sooth her with the force. Luna awoke once again, but this time feeling somewhat relaxed. The watchman left her with the other Jedi promising her that the Jedi would never treat her unfairly or make fun of her.

Luna spent a few weeks at the Jedi Temple feeling a little more at home. However during sparing matches Luna's power came back and she accidently killed another Youngling in rage. The Jedi were forced to lock Luna up and give her therapeutic advice before she would be released. Pius Shenato observed Luna and asked her questions. Luna admitted she hated her family and expressed power no normal Youngling would have which Pius come to the conclusion she was dangerous and mentally unstable.

While Luna was held up in her cell she built up rage and anger which she used to destroy her room completely. Master Gamora, who had been training her, went to soothe the girl and give her hope. However Luna was unreachable and killed Gamora with her power. When she snapped out of her rage induced trance she escaped her cell and the Temple not wanting to ever return.

While on Tanaab Luna released more of her anger out into the world by blindingly using her force lightning ability on every living creature she heard moving about. It was there she met Sion who infuriated her, but later she had warmed up too after apologizing for her horrid mood. Luna also met Alexis who was a Jedi master and offered to take care of Luna, but she refused. Soon however they parted ways, but it was then a Sith picked up Luna to train her in the ways of the Sith after sensing her potential. This was cut short though when another Sith took Luna to train her.

Darth Carnage took Luna to Korriban where he would train her for the next few weeks. She was taken to a secret Temple. It was there Luna fully realized her own potential and realized that her power source was a spirit living within her, her own ancestor Caligula Strith. Luna learned many techniques from Carnage until Alexis's daughter Sakura came to try and turn her from the darkside.

With much confusion Luna fled from both of them after Carnage gave her a lightsaber and decided it be best for her to work out the mess by herself. Luna was confused at what side to go on so she thought it would be better to see what the light had to offer once more.

Path to the LightsideEdit

Luna returned to the Jedi Temple ever haunted for what she did to Gamora not too long ago. However Sakura greeted Luna with open arms which made her more comfortable. Luna realized she might have been mistaken about the Jedi and stayed over night, but when she awoke she was saddened to hear that Sakura had perished. Luna got the impression that everyone she cared for was dying and thought it would be best to leave the Temple, deeming herself a plague.

Luna left, but needing a ride stowed away on Sion's ship. Sion landed on Hoth where he clashed with a Sith named Hybrid, Atoli, and Frei. While Sion was fighting Hybrid Luna decided to help by fighting Frei and Atoli. Luna gave a valiant effort, but Atoli and Frei left while Sion was in a bad state. Luna tried to help him by fighting Hybrid, but he proved too strong for her. Hybrid left after beating Luna and Sion, Luna was the first to gain consciousness however and helped Sion back to the Temple. While Sion rested Luna realized she hated the Sith more than ever and wanted to destroy them with the help of the Jedi. However before she could think of much else Sion awoke and he quickly returned to Hoth where the Sith were attacking to take. Side by side with Sion, Kai, and numerous other soldiers Luna fought to keep Hoth and eventually won. Luna never felt so good in her life, but it was not over. They quickly went to Rhen Var where Hybrid was once more with Atoli and Frei. While Sion fought Hybrid again Luna was ready for Atoli, but she was ganged up by Frei. Being overwhelmed by two Sith at once and angry out their cowardice she was beaten badly, but forced them to leave which made her feel at least good. Luna lost consciousness before realizing what had happened to Sion and Hybrid.

Luna awoke in a hospital ward being cared for by a Jedi also named Sakura. She took Luna back to the Temple where Sion was granted Grand Master rank. She congratulated him and went off to her own thing. Soon Sion announced he was going to do a campaign against the Sith and awarded Luna the rank of Jedi Knight for her courage against the Sith in the battles she was in with Sion at.

Now fully determined Luna is with the Jedi hoping to end the Sith scourge once and for all.

Luna fought a series of battles on Muunilist and survived them all. She was disappointed that the Sith didnt show up to defend Muunilist and left unsatisfied. It was back at the Temple that she accepted her first Padawan named Ruukil. It was on Vjun and in the Adega system she sent him through tough training sessions.

However the battle of Geonosis called. Luna shipped off and met with some Sith. However it in that battle she slew Virgo, Sion's brother. Luna felt terrible after Sion confronted her about the kill and contemplating hanging up her lightsaber for good. However Carnage's spirit continued to tempt her to go to the darkside. Luna tried to resist, but in the end her stress let her injuries catch up with and she collapsed in internal pain. With the amount of pain she was in and the blood she had spilled of her inability to control the darkside within her, Luna’s eyes turned from grey to blazing red…stained by the blood of her victim.

Luna was hospitalized at the Temple after being brought back to the Temple. She soon found out her body was badly damaged from the Rhen Var trick she did and it messed up her internal organs badly. Luna would have a fully functional system again and too much strain may kill her.

She recovered eventually with the help of Sion and Ruukil then resumed and finished training Ruukil. Alas Luna was called to battle once more, but this time on Tatooine where she locked lightsabers with Vexx Nerzul. It was then Foran Lalonde had come back to the order and gave Luna mastership and Councilship with the approval of Sion for her work with the Jedi.

After Tatooine Foran gave Luna and another a proposition to start up the covenant and help eradicate the Sith. Her chance had come and Luna took it becoming a mistress of the covenant.

The Covenant began to flourish as Luna and Tholme began recruiting many Padawans to be trained as Purgers and Guardsmen. Upon request by Luna, Ruukil became her right hand. However the darkside always beckoned and Foran turned once again tarnishing Luna's trust that people who turn will stayed turned. Luna confronted Foran and lost, Foran ended up tearing Luna badly and hurting the Temple along with Covenant members.

Luna was comatose for days leaving Tholme and other Covenant members to pick up the shattered pieces. When Luna awoke she gave a speech to the Covenant that they would get past this travesty and she'd help anyone recover. Luna was more determined then ever to help people get rid of the Sith once and for all. However it was then she learned Foran had been assassinated on his return to Byss with the Union. She was sad for him, but only regretted it wasn't her who did him in.

Days passed by and Luna only trained herself fiercer and heavier. She went on inquisition rounds by which she assassinated Sith on whatever planet she sensed them on. It was then Tholme failed to show up and Luna realized that she was left to lead the Covenant by herself. She was still recovering from her injuries but began to worry about how long she'd last in life. Nonetheless she continued what she was doing. Luna focused on bettering the Covenant fighters and bettering planet Ruusan all together.

It was then a Sith apprentice came to Ruusan to try and end Luna's life. He failed when she bested and converted him. She was though alittle worried he'd turn back because Foran did, but she felt differently about him. Along with the once Sith, Kronan, Malles Dur also became Luna's a Padawan.

Though the day was not over, Darth Razr came to the planet and attacked Kai and Luna. However with much stride and endurance they were able to turn him back to the Jedi master once known as San Xaan, which was good because Luna was still recovering from her injuries and would have lost any fight.

Another day passed by and Luna received an anonymous letter to go to Kashyyyk's shadowlands. She heeded it even though she was nervous about it. It was there she was confronted by her father, Sirius Pendragon, and her aunt, Elysium Pendragon. They were there to end Luna was meddling with the Sith. However they did not attack her, instead her father used a strange technique where he separated Luna's darkside with her lightside making them two separate people.

Luna, the lightside, and Luminotia, the darkside. In a fierce battle with her evil self, Luna realized how dark Luminotia was. Luminotia psycho and bit Luna in her shoulder and ear, causing her left arm to become numb and have poor hearing in her right ear. With great pain and stride Luna killed Luminotia, ending her darkness. Luna was badly inured once again, but luckily Sion had come.

Sion had turned dark a few days behind and killed Padawans after resigned, it crushed Luna. However, Sion healed Luna and admitted he was worried about her. Luna thanked him even though he was a traitor and left Kashyyyk.

From then on Luna represented her Covenant in the Jedi Council was assigned to, she trains her many Padawans, and continues to work toward a Sith-free and peaceful galaxy. However the war has been taking it's toll on this girl, Luna is still in bandages and her body have been taking bad punches, she currently uses the force to numb her horrid pains.

Soon after fighting her darkside Luna began to take it easy to recover from her profound injuries. One of which was training the Padawans and giving weekly lessons of history to teach coming Padawans of what ways the Jedi made an impact in the galaxy. Luna had a gift for teaching. However Luna was a Covenant members and had duties to prefer and against her better judgement she headed out to Yavin IV hearing reports of a Sith Lord being there.

As Luna arrived on Yavin IV she encountered a more, calm Sith Lord by the name of Darth Ruiliion. What surprised Luna was he was completely non-violent and they engaged in a more verbal fight then a physical one. It was there Luna realized she was acting more Sith-like by urging the man to fight here. Shamefully, she departed.

Soon after her return she found out that the Mygeeto rebels who want to kick out the Sith Empire government called for help from the Jedi. Luna was the only one who replied to help. On Mygeeto Luna found her hardest battle yet. It was then Luna found that Tholme was fighting on the Empire's side as a hired gun, in a hard fight Luna ended up killing Tholme regrettably. She fought for an entire day and was injured on many occasions. That was when Luna had encountered two lords. Lord Sithis and Roth Hart. Luna engaged into a hard battle against Roth. However due to the intense fighting they retreated from each other calling it a draw.

Luna sustained many injuries and had to leave Mygeeto behind and return to Coruscant on a hospital bed. However Ja'nal had called a meeting with Jedi and Luna forced herself to go. Luna thought proposing a Jedi Chancellor to run in the Senate races would be a good idea but the Jedi were divided on the issue, Luna said she didn’t trust the republic or Lok though San argued that they had too. The Jedi were indirectly split between trust in the republic and mistrust making those who didn’t trust Jedi Separatists and those who did Jedi Loyalists. Luna was sought as the head of the separatists.

As time went on Luna spent her time gaining people on her side of the Republic issue which later led a talk with Lok that pretty much went nowhere. Soon after she learned Frei had joined the Jedi due to San's influence. Frei eventually started up the Galactic Liberation Force with the help of Lok, Luna wasn't too happy about the pairing. However she left Coruscant to Ruusan and had a few nice chats with her former Padawan, Ruukil who was new Covenant Militia Head. She began to sense more people were in the nexus and went over to investigate. It was there she encountered Dark lord Regoram, a Sith Haden, Sith Lord Sithis, and her father. However all four together proved to be too much and she forced to leave.

Luna eventually wandered into Anaxes where she found the Pendragon Estate. However memories of the past Luna soon learned about her father's childhood by the housekeepers that were still there. It was on Anaxes Luna found ex-Sith spy Geron and befriends him. For safe keeping, she took Geron to Ruusan where the Sith wouldn't bother him. On her way to Ruusan she learned that San Xaan had abandoned grandmaster position and that she was voted in as the next grandmaster. Luna was shocked and humbled that the Jedi had chosen her. So after she dropped Geron off, she departed.


As new Grandmaster Luna spent her time reorganizing the Jedi, fixing temples, and appointing new Councilmember’s. The Jedi said she was truly an asset, Luna didn’t think she was that great. However on her off time, Zig Stargaze, whom Luna had chosen to be replacement as Head Purger of the Covenant was able to pry a deep and very dark secret from the back of Luna's mind. Luna was attracted to females much more than men. In a attempt to help Luna, Zig took her to a place that would accept her difference. It was there found a Jedi Padawan by the name of Alana, who she ended up sharing her first kiss with. However was not happy and scared the other Jedi would find out then left in a hurry.

Since then Luna bottled up her feelings and still kept her darker secrets from the Jedi. Luna now prepares to combat the Sith and the Empire by starting up her first Jedi meeting.

The meeting went over well but ended in fear. Luna had gotten her points across for new organization of the Jedi Order and ways they can finally end the Sith threat once and for all. However Luna cleverly knew Geron would be listening and he would unknowingly alert the Sith since Sithis had a tight grip on her mind but then again that's why Luna took Geron with her. Knowing that Sith would probably be coming, Luna ordered all knights, Padawans, and Younglings be evacuated.

Once the Temple was empty, Luna a select few stayed behind to see who'd come. As Luna predicted, Roth Hart, Sithis, Vexx Nerzul, and Angor came. Four lords of the Sith Council. A great fight ensued between the Councilmen and the selected Jedi who stayed to combat them. In the end however, Luna bested them by conjoining the power of the other Jedi and using Wall of Light to temporarily severe the connections oif the Councilmen, humiliated them. The Sith left de-moralized and Luna savored her first victory as grandmaster. However she used all her power in the attack them collapsed.

Luna soon awoke in the medical ward. A few of her fellow Jedi told her what has happened since she passed out. Luna had ordered the Covenant to attack the Sith Temple as a surprised while the lords were on Coruscant. Her Jedi told her it was a success but Zig had been captured and Ruukil's whereabouts were unknown. Luna was saddened but there wasn't much she could do at that moment without knowing where they were.

As time past Luna trained harder and harder to make her force powers the best they can possibly be. Luna also spent days reviewing with holocrons and learning new techniques such as Plant Surge as well seeking the Council and wisdom with the ancient Jedi. However she trained hard for one day she'll overpower and take down the Dark Lord and end the struggle once and for all, her biggest aspiration.

Luna was most relieved when Ruukil and Zig had returned to her. With her Council at full force again she began to plan what to do about the Sith. she knew once she was Grandmaster that she couldn’t be as aggressive as she used to be when she was attacking Sith. However that was all about to change when she went to Ziost to check out a Sith threat that was on a planet. Luna was attacked by Jaster Fel there and in the middle of the battle she fell into an deep bog and arose changed, Luna had reverted back to her child-like self again. it all came to a shock to her but she had to shake off Fel first.

As the battle concluded, Sithis interfered and told her that he had taken Geron to Bastion. Luna left immediately and sucessfully rescued him from the labs in Bastion. Upon her return to the Jedi Temple, Luna tearfully resigned her rank as grandmaster due to her body reverting back to an eleven year old form. Her fellow masters objected but Luna was far too stubborn to be persuaded so she left. Luna took the mantle of Jedi Master again but also Sith Slayer once more. Luna planned to hunting Sith again and gain much strength until the day she took the mantle of grandmaster again.

On Dxun Luna trained with lightning and oddly infused her body with the lightning she wanted to command so greatly...Luna had become more powerful then ever.

Luna found herself careless of the struggling order behind her and went to Manaan for some more Sith slayings. The rare item of Kolca was synthesized and being fought over by Empire and Republic. It was there Luna was pitted against Roth and Sithis once more. However after a long hard battle, it ended in a draw with the factory holding the Kolca being destroyed and all fleeing the scene.

The Manaan scene woke something up in Luminotia. Through the battle she had spent her time protecting the Jedi and noticed how crippled there are. Luna decided to put down her differences aside and took the mantle of Grandmaster of all Jedi once more. Intruth she did this because she felt obligated for no one else seemed to be helping her order out. It almost sickened her to see no one else stepping up but now that she was grandmaster again she deiced it was best to restart.

Luminotia later went back to Dagobah to investigate why she had become to small. In the end she discovered someone whom had taught her a long time ago, Viro Sar'ki who was also known as Darth Muruader. After getting him to agree to help the Jedi, she continued her investigation of the swamp. There Luna discovered an antidote which would reverse the strange virus quickly and make her into her old self once more.

A year later Luna began to distrust her Jedi for she suspected they were going behind her back. After a huge argument with Zig and another Jedi, Luna exploded into angry and left the Jedi. Growing darker, Luna went to Ruusan and brutally ripped her Covenant Temple back from the Jedi and Zig then became independent. It was also on that attack that Luna became allies with Sithis and became fully immersed on in the darkside. She spent her time hunting Jedi instead of Sith around this time…

Brief Time In the DarkEdit

With the darkside on her side Luna had become an unstoppable force of destruction with only one goal in mind, to destroy everyone and everything.

However when the Sith Order reorganized into the Sith Empire Luna became disheartened, she wanted the Jedi feel her wrath after they betrayed her but now knowing the Jedi were the only thing stopping the Jedi from stopping the Sith dominance of the galaxy she began to feel pity for the pathetic order. However this did not stop her for a while.

Luna soon felt powerful to take her remaining Covenant members and strike Muunilinst where it hurt. Luna ended up massacring the entire the Senatorial body of Muunilisnt but however it didn’t quite end how she wanted it to. Zig was able to pull her away from the darkside once more seeing how weak the Jedi were...they needed the young Jedi once more and Luna would aid them...for now.

Luna however still went under the guise of a Sith when the Sith attacked Kuat, she was able to confront Fel on his flagship and ended up causing the Executor to crash by destroying it's computer system. Luna was soon thrown out of the bridge window but caught before hitting the surface of the planet by a ship. She was then given the command of the Alliance's 75th and fought on Kuat.

Kuat eventually became a deadlocked battleground and Luna was forced to leave having to plan next moves against this 'Sith Empire'. Her next plan eventually made her return to Aub Simbel having sensed the long awaited presence of her father. There, Luna was easily defeated by her father but through her sheer rage and hate she was able to re-confront him only to feel nearly beaten again. Luna soon felt the power of her mother's light and rejected Caligula's dark strength which gave her the power to defeat her father. Sirius fled swearing he'll come back to kill her.

Back to the LightEdit

Since then Luna has taken the rank of Jedi Knight not being able to trust herself as a master anymore and the rank of Jedi General.

After fight yet another series of battles, the war had ended with a peace treaty. Luna had come out different then she had expected, questioning her old and ways and unsure of what next steps to take knowing her life was filled with suffering.

In hopes of suppressing her depressed mind, she had taken up a new Padawan by the name of Solan Kast. Luna has recently picked up other hobbies in hopes of disposing of her depression in a time of peace. She had tried out for Team Coruscant in the Galactic Cup of Limmie and made the cut being promoted to the team's best offensive player.

Now with the Jedi Order’s leadership changed to a man named Avan Exellius, Luna is trying to do more good for the galaxy without having to keep killing.

Personality and Traits Edit

Luna has a very complex and confusing attitude. For one moment she could seem caring, but in the other hardly caring. Luna doesnt have much respect to give and is very rare for her to respect at least one person. In her eyes most people to her are inferior beings, but mainly this is an act of jealousy. Luna doesnt like to see people better off then her, people who can see, or had a fun childhood. The two things that were denied to her.

Luna's worst enemy is her mouth. She is uncaring of what she says nor does she take into account of someone's feelings. She speaks her mind when wanting and doesnt mind who she speaks it to whether it be a peer or a superior. SHe is very opinionated. Luna also has deep trust issues with other people. Having been betrayed, or so she thinks, by many people she is unwilling to trust anyone but herself. To gain her trust that person must actual strive for it over a lonjg period of time.

With that Luna is very relentless and never gives up. With a steadfast attitude no one can expect Luna to back down from a fight or an argument which she is very good at instigating. She instigates many fights and arguments usually that she starts by either butting into a conversation which she frequently does or simplies criticizies the person. Luna is a very harsh critic, shes brutally frank, headstrong, and has no sympathy.

Luna is very tomboyish in the way she dresses and acts mainly because shes been around mostly men in her life without a female presense when her mother perished. When in the Jedi order she frequently argued not to wear things that were make up and girly for two reasons, they were always time consuming to put on and because she never cared what she looked like because of her blindness.

Her blindness curves many of her judgements. Even though its a clear disability Luna says its a good thing making her more intuned with the force. Luna will deny even the smallest gesture of help thinking its just an act of pity for her blindness making her very alienating and outspoken. Luna doesnt want help from anyone and does this by trying to proves herself she is as good as anyone else who isn't disabled. Luna finds it very needed to make herself known and powerful so they will see she isn't a helpless and fragile girl.

She has a very short temper as well. When she is mad Luna often loses steam by breaking things all around her until they are in shards. She holds very few grudges despite this, but its scarred badly Luna finds pleasure in contemplating that person's demise.

Luna is said to be insane in many cases. She has an outrageous temper and because of her mother's family. The Sentirios family is said to go insane in one point of their life because of a family disorder of the brain. Luna argues that the disorder has no effect on her, but others beg to differ.

Another key trait is her stubborness. Luna doesnt handle well with change in personality and appearance, she rather have everything the way it was rather then new. From her days at the Jedi and by her mother Luna is very educated in arts and other subjects which helps because she is a fast learner. From the same people Luna learned proper etiquette and very good manners, but Luna chooses not to ever use them. From her mother Luna learned how to be a good swimmer, handle a garden well, and even how to dance in duets. Now because Luna is blind she never could learn how to dance properly by herself so she had to have someone guide which limited her dancing skills to just duets, but Luna is very good at it and is fond of it. Usually when shes alone Luna does tend to dance around the place, but is embarressed easily if someone sees.

Despite all this Luna is very self pitying beyond her tough exterior. She often loathes her blindness for reasons that are very much obvious. With this Luna is constantly depressed wondering if she get anywhere and prove she isn't weak or helpless. She is often shown as a pained and worried girl nowadays, her tough exterior has broken down quite a bit from when she was a spunky teenager.

Luna however does have simple joys in her life when she isn't doing nasty work. She loves to sit at home reading one of her special books written in Braille with a nice apple, her favorite food, by her side. Luna smiles rarely, but smiles often in this scenario. Luna very much loves her hair because of the soft touch to it so she never let's anyone touch or cut it which led to it's extreme growth making her hair longer then she herself was.

Luna is very determined as well, she wants to be strong so she constantly meditates and hones her skills hopping to become stronger to overcome her enemies. Luna takes very extreme pride in her strength and force ability.

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Parents Edit

Luna has split feelings between her parents. She loves, respects, and adores her mother as her own role model but also harbors some bitter feelings that she had died and left Luna to the brutality of the Sith when she was just a small child. As for her father, even as an innocent child Luna was distant and indifferent toward him. Sirius was always out doing what he called 'Jedi duties' so Luna only saw him periodically. However when she did see her father, Luna expressed a certain hint of happiness and Sirius had always shown Luna nothing but love for his child. After her mother's death by Sirius's hands, Luna's feelings toward him turned to unrelenting hate and bitterness to the point of hostility and violence toward him.

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Luna shared a brief romance with a Jedi Padawan by the name of Alana Felis

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Luminotia had been introduced to many lightsaber forms throughout her force careers but only two ever stuck with her. First, the Ataru form which was taught to her by Darth Xirque. Luna was able to channel the immense banks of her aggressiveness to a workable lightsaber form which she had trained in more in lieu of any other form. Xirque was able to instigate her aggressiveness so that she may use the form more easily and let it use her hostility to overcome anyone she faced off against. By herself, Luna had learned to release her hatred but use her strong will for justice to fuel the aggressive form.

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Luna is fully trained in two physical combat forms which are the Echani style and Teräs Käsi style. Luna in order to make herself more deadly against the sith was to train in unarmed combat just incase her lightsaber was not among her. Through learning these styles, Luna learned the deep meaning of honing one's physical skills.

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Luna is picky to what lightsabers she uses on the battlefield. Her most used and most treasured one is that her mother passed down to her before she died. It was crafted by her great grandmother many years ago, but the most significant part of the saber is it's crystal. The Sentirios Charm that is implanted in the saber is a very rare crystal itself. Yellow and curved into a nice design the crystal is priceless as well. The crystal enhances the saber profoundly making the saber blade much more shiny and deadly cutting through duressteel and doors much more quickly then a regardly saber. The crystal itself is said to be able to cut through pure cortosis, but only very small amounts. The lightsaber is also complemented by a Solari crystal only allows the lightsaber to be activiated by those within the lightside.

The only other lightsaber Luna allows her self to use is the two she recieved upon the death of Tholme Gentarri.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

Luna was created by Sirius

Luna's debut site was Star Wars Role Play

Luminotia's real name in Anaxi is Illuminotra Pendragon