"The Emperor doesn't exist, the Kicka Emperor does!"
―General Imperious

The Kicka Emperor is the highest power in the Kicka Empire. The Kicka Emperor is the Supreme Commander of all the Imperial military and is the undisputed Head of State of the Kicka Empire. The Kicka Emperor is the highest power in the Empire, the next highest member of the Kicka Empire would be the High Moff. The Kicka Emperor is the head of the Imperial house of Kicka, one of the Imperial houses. The Kicka Empire is often simply called Emperor or Lord.

In the Kicka EmpireEdit

The Kicka Empire has been headed by two Kicka Emperor's so far, Aeaolen Kicka™ and Hadrian Kicka. Aeaolen was never technically a Kicka Emperor but was awarded the title after Hadrian reformed the Kicka Empire. Aeaolen's original title was the Emperor-Primarch, from the title of Emperor and the title of Primarch. Hadrian abandoned the title of Emperor-Primarch when he was not chosen by his father to head the Sith Inquisition. Hadrian then combined the title of Emperor and his name, Kicka.

In 262 ABY when Alaric assumed the throne of Emperor he founded the second Kicka Empire and took the title of Kicka Emperor back.

Kicka EmperorsEdit


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