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241 ABY



Physical description






Hair color

Brown (Short)

Eye color

Ice Blue

Skin color

White (Slightly Tanned)

Chronological and political information
Known masters
  • Lord Phage (Sith Lord) (former)
"I am not content to simpy get through my training... I will rise above all others. My mastery of the force and the saber will be unrivaled. I will be revered by all as a Sith Lord. This is my ambition, and no one will stand in my way..."
―Kev'al Darkrider, as a new Sith Apprentice, speaking to a Sith Master when questioned on his goals as a Sith.

Kev'al Darkrider was born on the planet Byss. By a young age he had risen to the head of a powerful crime syndicate. This drew the attention of the Empire who sent a master and apprentice team of sith after him. He killed the Sith apprentice thus gaining the interest of the master. He was then inducted into the New Sith Order. He was selected by the Sith Lord Phage to be his apprentice. But Phage dissapeared and he was left masterless. Now he attempts to train himself and perhaps find a new master.

Early LifeEdit


Kev'al Darkrider was born on the planet Byss in the year 241 ABY. His parents names were Ternan Grorlondo and Abbigail Darkrider. He also had a brother that was three years older than him named Frel'tor Darkrider. His mother insisted both of her children take her maiden name. His mother left when he was only two years old, taking Frel'tor, and leaving Kev'al to be raised by his father. Because of this Kev'al never even knew Frel'tor existed. His father was a deadbeat. What little money he made working in a processing plant nearby he spent on drugs, drinks, and gambling. Every day the man went to work early in the morning. After he would go to a Cantina and blow all the money he had made. When he came home he would be either drunk or high on drugs that weren't exactly tame. And he would always be angry. Ever since he was little this had been so for Kev. And ever since he was little Kev had been beaten nearly daily by his father. At age fourteen Kev'al had decided that he had, had enough. He walked out the door and didn't look back.

A Life of CrimeEdit

Kev'al joined a small gang of youths mostly older than him called the Alondar Gang. It was a tough life but it had been just as tough under his father and now he was in control. By the time he was sixteen Kev'al had risen to the leadership of the small gang. This happened because of the untimely death of the former leader. There were suspicions of foul play but no one questioned anything. A few days after gaining leadership of the gang Kev returned to his old house. He found his father there but he wasn't even recognized. He smiled as his father's face twisted into a frightened look thinking he was a debt collector. Kev beat his father to death with his bare hands and left him on the floor when he departed. By the time he was eighteen Kev's gang had grown a large amount. It was the largest organized gang on Byss and it had influence everywhere. Through his amibition Kev had gone from a child beaten by his father to the leader of a huge crime syndicate.

The Fall of His Crime Empire and His Intro to the SithEdit

The politicians of Byss begged the Empire to send special aid to wipe out the Syndicate. Those who arrived were two Sith, a master and an apprentice. Within a week of their arrival on the planet most of Kev'al's other leadership had been killed off. He knew he would be next. The Sith descended on him like a tornado in his estate. Slaughtering all of his guards and seemingly effortlessly getting past his extravagent security system. It amazed his as he watched on his monitor in his viewing room. He knew there was nothing he could do. He had heard alot of the Sith ideals but never had he expected their power. But he had noticed that the smaller of the two, a female human didn't possess anything near the skill the other possessed. He assumed he was her teacher. In his mind he devised a plot to gain access to the learning of the Sith, to become one of them and turn this defeat into a victory. For what was this crime syndicate if he could gain the powers of the Sith he was seeing. He could take over worlds with that power. He knew his plan was a very long shot, but if he didn't do it he would be killed anyways. So with the last of his time he studied up on Sith idealoligy. The weak deserve their fate, the strong must overcome the weak, these are just some of the things he read but this was what he hoped the master would thing when he accomplished his plan. Of course this was assuming it even worked. It counted greatly on the weakness of the apprentice. When he was ready he turned off the security system and walked out to meet them. When he finally was upon them he saw them waiting, the master knew he had been coming. He wondered if he also knew his plan. He thought he probably did, and if so hopefully he would see it as a test for his apprentice. He knelt before them asking for their mercy his hand at his side. When the master spoke it commanded complete obediance booming with the power of the darkside. He told his apprentice to kill Kev'al. She approached him drawing her lightsaber. He saw the red glow and knew this could be the end of him. An intense anger flowed up inside him, he wouldn't be killed by some neophyte Sith, he was destined for greatness. As she approached he moved with such speed as he had never moved with before. He jabbed at her with the hand that had been at his side. Contained within this hand was a syringe. Her lightsaber fell from her grasp and she doubled over dead. He scooped up her lightsaber and activated it pointing it at the Sith. The Sith's face was expressionless. He held out his hand and the lightsaber in Kev's hand flew to it. He had tried to hold on but he couldn't resist the pull. The master then smiled. His voice again booming she spoke saying that the power of the force was within Kev'al, he had showed many traits of a Sith in what he had done. Like Kev'al hoped he said that his apprentice had deserved her fate. He then gave Kev two offers he would either quickly and painlessly take his life, or he would take Kev to the Sith Order where he would be trained to become one of them. Kev gladly took the second, a feeling of jubilation mounted within him as his plan had come to fruition. He was going to be a Sith.

A Sith ApprenticeEdit

Beginnings as a SithEdit

Kev'al had been delivered, by the master who found him, to the Temple of Ages on Kesh. It was the Sith Order's capitol. With his initiation he recieved, a few pairs of dark sith robes, a red lightsaber, and a Fury-Class Starfighter. He had also been allowed to keep the lightsaber of the apprentice he had killed. Because of his possession of two lightsabers he had decided to learn the form: Jar'kai. Kev was chosen as the apprentice of the Sith Lord Phage. This happened within a few days of his arrival at the temple. Apparently the story of how he had gained prestige to enter had spread among the masters. He had been told that he would be meeting Lord Phage on Korriban a few days later. Until then he spent his time studying in the archives. During one of his study sessions he met the Sith Lord Validus who showed him some of his power as a Sith Lord. Two days later Kev'al found out his master Phage, had dissapeared. He was a master-less apprentice once more. He then recieved a message from Validus telling Kev to meet him in the forest outside of the Temple a couple days later.

Kev'al's First TestEdit

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