Kai Xyn Dependus
Biographical information
Born221 ABY
Physical information
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlue
Chronological and political information
AffiliationJedi Order


Kai after his many life adventures and betrayals is a totally different person. The once free willed and light hearted caring man, was replaced with a man who is more thoughtful and reasonable. However, he wishes he could go back to the way things were before he left the jedi. Kai under the hard surface he has made for himself is still the same person, despite his age he is still is younger mentality which is why he heavily relies on Avan Exeillus's or still his Ex- Master Dagon Oparus' guidance in tough decisions, if one thing that has left Kai it's his assurance that everything will end in a good way for him.

When in battle, Kai is a totally different person though. The warrior side of him that he is convinced runs in his bloodline awakens and he is very relentless in his battle style. He spares no enemy in a fight, and is looking for a kill move. However, if it someone he believes is a worthy opponent he will look to draw out the fight and truly test himself against the foe. If he is in a leadership position in battle, his words were once called inspiring and the voice of a true leader. This is said to be true despite the fact Kai would rather be in the battle that leading one.

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