Jubal Vikorr
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233 ABY


265 ABY (32, Battle of Rendili)

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New Era


Kicka Empire

Jubal Vikorr was an Imperial Major General and commander of the 1,017th Imperial Security Division.


Born in 233 ABY on Coruscant when it was still controlled by the Republic-aligned government. The Vikorr family's bloodline which ran deep into the bureaucracy of the Empire, notably the Imperial Security Bureau and it's fierce rival the Imperial Intelligence Agency. Jubal and his immediate family were moved away by their contacts in the ISB to Bastion where Jubal was taken and immediately placed in the Imperial Military Academy of Bastion, the most prestigious military academy within the Empire. It is here that Jubal received the Imperial Officer Training Program or IOPT after graduating from the academy.

In 260 ABY after various lesser commands, Jubal was promoted to Brigadier General after his meeting with Second Lieutenant Alaric. Alaric had used his weight to have the man promoted due to his unflinching faith in the Empire and his no man attitude. When Hadrian discovered the "Calabae" on Zaddja in 263 ABY he promoted Jubal to Major General and placed him in command of 1,017th Imperial Security Division and charged him with protecting Zaddja at all costs.

After the threat on Zaddja was contained he was immediately routed to Rendili to combat the New Republic military invasion and was killed after his outpost was bombed by the New Republic Army.


Jubal is a strong-minded individual, he often seeks to overcome all obstacles with thinking and then acting, he rarely acts without thinking and when he does it more then often causes fatal problems for him or his men. Jubal aside from his stern character is an intelligent, personable man. His wealth of knwoledge has lead him to be considered "friend to many".


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