Jedi Covenant
General information
  • None
Notable members

Numerous Jedi Padawans, Knights, and Masters





Historical information

232 ABY


238 ABY


238 ABY, as the Covenant Purgers

Other information

Age of Strife

The Covenant was a secret sect of Jedi-like assassins. Their purpose was to destroy the Sith all cost and prevent another Sith order from arising. They resided on Ruusan, near the Force Nexus, and the Valley of the Jedi. It was established by Luminotia Pendragon, Tholme Gentaari, and Foran Lalonde. The Covenant was last led by a Triumvirate made up of are Zig Stargave, Ruukil, and a vacant seat before it's dissolution. The Covenant was split into three branches, The Defenders who defend the Temple on Ruusan, The Purgers who search and destroy the Sith, and the Militia who work on the Covenant attack force.


  • We pledge to eliminate the Sith threat at all costs.
  • We fight with all our strength and powers to end evil.
  • We hold ourselves pure in the light and reject all darkness and use it against the darkness.
  • We fight and die to preserve the light in the galaxy.


  • Covenant can use some darkside powers such as Crush or Lightning.
  • Covenant must reject temptation from the darkside at all times.
  • In times of war, Covenants fight for the light factions and light factions only!
  • Covenants can only kill forces of darkness.
  • Covenants fight to help light factions, no selfish gains!

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