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Silas Kicka


High Inquisitor Silas Kicka


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259 ABY


262 ABY as the Imperial Cabal


260 ABY

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Kicka Empire

"Nobody expects the Inquisitorious!"
―High Inquisitor Silas Kicka

The Inquisitorious also known as the Imperial Inquisition is an organization based around seeking out a rooting out traitors, heretics and overall dissidents within the Kicka Empire. The Kicka family and the Inquisitions have a rich history together and when Silas Kicka returned to the Empire and was tasked with routing out the traitors within the Empire he took his father and brothers former creations and immediately begun to reuse them.

Re-founded in 259 ABY Silas traveled to Had Abaddon and used the former Citadel Inquisitorious as his base of operations. The world was lush and prime but on the continent where the Citadel stood it was harsh and rainy, the perfect place for a menacing citadel such as the Citadel Inquisitorious itself.

Tasks of the InquisitioriousEdit

Emperor Hadrian set down specific goals for his brother to achieve and handle. Though the goals aren't exactly known due to the secrecy of the organization many have speculated within the Empire that the goals are rather and simple and brutal.

  • Effectively removing all traitors, dissidents and heretics from within the Empire through force or persuasion.
  • Execution of any officers, government officials or any member of the Kicka Empire involved with sensitive data which is exposed.
  • Removal of officers who are unfit for duty or flee from their duty.

Strength of the InquisitoriousEdit

While the Inquisitorious was infant organization many members of the former Imperial Inquisition have come to join Silas as Inquisitors. The Inquisitorious is rumored to be holding around 700 Inquisitors of various ranks. However they fielded an impressive friendship with the Imperial Storm Commandos the branch of the Stormtrooper Corp which handles all special operations.

Not only did the Inquisitorious field an impressive friendship, the personal task force of the High Inquisitor was the fleet for the Inquisitorious. Though it was proven later on, after the organizations disbanding that the Inquisitorious can call upon any forces in the Empire to serve them.


Inquisitorious only existed months before Silas and the entirety of the Kicka family went missing from the Empire. Thus leading to the founding of the Third Galactic Empire, and the disbanding of the Inquisitorious.

Known Members of the InquisitoriousEdit