The Imperial High Council ruled the Third Galactic Empire from 261 ABY to 262 ABY. In the stead of the Emperor's absence, Galactic Emperor Jaster Fel appointed nine advisors, already entrenched members of the Imperial bureaucracy, to maintain the Empire through a rule of council.


Grand Vizier Andal Pestage, the collective head of the Council, released that the Emperor had discovered a powerful new level of being and attempted to learn about it more. However, rumors are widespread that the Emperor had abdicated and the Empire was too fragile to withstand the news, and therefore the "powerful new level of being" was a cover operation made up by Andal, however whatever the truth is, the Imperial High Council is now in power.

Every member of the Imperial High Council is called "High Lord", a title which as of recently has returned to prominent use since the days of Emperor-Primarch Aeaolen Kicka. However, the title incurs far more power then it did when Emperor-Primarch Kicka used the title, every member of the Council has a single vote, the military speaking as a collective, with the Stormtrooper Corp. standing alone as the praetorian of the Emperor himself. Many within the Empire already underestimate the power of the Imperial High Council, however they are far more powerful then anyone can imagine.


The Imperial High Council wielded the same power as the Emperor however without the title of the Emperor. The head of the council, the Grand Vizier wielded mostly all the power seeing as he was the first appointed member of the council and known as the head of the council.


  • Grand Vizier Andal Pestage - Imperial Department of State.
  • Executor Lucius Daar - Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military.
    • Grand Admiral Zalif Archel. (Head of Imperial Navy.)
    • Grand General Halis Archik. (Head of Imperial Army.)
  • High Marshal Marr Krieger. - Head of Imperial Stormtrooper Corp.
  • Director Vitas Srender - Director of the Imperial Intelligence Agency.
  • Procurator of Justice Michael Terran - Imperial Department of Justice.
  • Grand Commissioner Horus Dominia - Grand Commissioner of COMPNOR.
  • Director-General Tarik - Imperial Department of Military and Civilian Research.

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