Imperial Cabal
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Kicka Emperor Alaric Kicka


Kicka Emperor Alaric Kicka

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264 ABY

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The Imperial Cabal also known as the Cabal is a secret organization dedicated to carrying the Emperor's Will throughout the Empire and non-Imperial space. The Imperial Cabal was founded in the wake of the disbanding of the Inquisitorious, it retains many of the same functions. The Organizations headquarters is located in a secret location on Bastion, some suspect on Bastion's only moon, Titan is where the headquarters exists.


Alaric Kicka, the Kicka Emperor of the Kicka Empire despises force users, wishes to see their destruction without hesitation. However, Alaric feels that they can be of use, at the behest of his brother, Hadrian Kicka, Alaric established the Imperial Cabal, a shadowy sect of force sensitives who do the Emperor's Will without question, they are not bound by any law or regulation, only limited by the Emperor's bidding. They do not exist, no records exist outside of those who are invited or the founders of the Cabal.


The Imperial Cabal members are found at a young age throughout the Empire, either through Imperial Youth or by recruiting stations across the Empire, species who show themselves to be force sensitive are screen for levels of force sensitivity, the Empire classify the levels as follows:

  • Lambda - Lowest level accepted into the Cabal, they are made helpers of various levels. They are barely trained, the Cabal is hopeful that this training will help them to hone their skills more.
  • Theta - Second level accepted into the Cabal, these are standard full-force sensitives who undergo basic training.
  • Epsilon - Above average force sensitivity, these members undergo specific field training such as assassination, lightsaber combat, force use, battle planning, etc. pending upon their talents.
  • Delta - Exceedingly rare levels of force sensitives have obtained the "Delta" level, these individuals, if untrained are potential dangerous to the galaxy at large. Once in the Emperor's service they go on to become the upper echelons of the Cabal.
  • Alpha - Nearly 1 in 1 billion births are of a Alpha level, those who are Alpha levels are immediately taken away to become members of the Imperial Custodes, the personal guard of the Emperor or are tasked with much darker roles.

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