Emblem of The Illuminotra Victory Fleet

The Illuminotra Victory Fleet, also known as The Second Fleet, is slated to be the pinnacle of New Republic retaliation against the rising Empire. The fleet also is always on the move and only is stationed when it needs to restock and refuel.Created by fierce warrior, Luminotia Pendragon, and headed by the brilliant and newly christened Admiral, Leon Mannix. The fleet was created under the promise to spearhead numerous offensive strikes against the Empire and lessen it's tyrannical grip upon the terrified galaxy. Through using cunning tactics in lieu of sheer fire and size, the Fleet stands to achieve it's set out goals. The Fleet is headed by The Invictus, a new class of Star Defender constructed by the New Republic and is the personal flag of Luminotia Pendragon and looked after by Leon Mannix. It is staffed with some of the most brilliant minds in New Republic space making it rival the minds of anyone within the Empire making the fleet formidable at the very least.

The fleet is kept up in maintenance by the droids working around the clock along with the starfighters. Luminotia has ordered the best care of the Fleet she created and only always the best trained troops and crew members in the Republic to apart of it. Through her tireless work, it has rose one of the most impressive fleets in the galaxy.

The 42nd Regiment of the New Republic is housed within the Fleet and acts as the Regiment's main carrier. When the 42nd is assigned a mission, the Fleet is responsible for their extraction and deployment. The true strong point of the Illuminotra Victory Fleet is it's Wing Divisions which is utilize to do most of the combating against enemy battleships. It maintains numerous Fighter Squadrons, trained to combat and maneuver through the heavy Battleships they know they will encounter. At the top of the elite list is the 'Tyrant Killers', a polished squadron comprised of XJ7 X-Wing starfighters that are heavily modified and are fully able to overcome the new fighters being constructed today. The Tyrant Killers are personally headed and led by Admiral Leon Mannix who contracted to the Fleet. The Squadron became famous all over Republic space for fighting to the end and destroying numerous Imperial Wings. Their presence creates a spectrum of moral more then any Imperial could fathom.

Besides the 42nd, the fleet is also the carrier of elite Infiltrator Troopers and sometimes Force Users housed in the Sabertooth-Class Assault Vessels. Their task is to infiltrate various enemy ships and seize them to add to the fleet, however if they cannot then they are to destroy them inside out. Among the elites and are usually used to paved an entrance for Infiltrators are updated Sentinel Droids.

Members of the Fleet's AdmiraltyEdit