"Grand Vizier? That's an old title"
―Andal Pestage, Grand Vizier

The title of Grand Vizier is currently in use and heads the Imperial Department of State and is one of the highest officials in the Kicka Empire acting as the Emperor's right hand man. The Grand Vizier of the Kicka Empire was Andal Pestage; who has held the post twice and the second man to hold it. Jolan Saris, a former Commissioner of the Imperial Security Bureau took the reigns of the Imperial Remnant in 265 ABY and became the de facto head of the Empire.

Grand Vizier'sEdit

  • Brutus - Unknown time period.
  • Andal Pestage - (254 ABY - 254 ABY), (260 ABY - 265 ABY)
  • Jolan Saris - (265 ABY - Present)


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