This article is about the Second Galactic Empire under Emperor Gore. You may be looking for other uses of the term.

Galactic Empire
Galactic Empire
Political information
Type of government
  • Monarchic Empire
  • Theocratic Empire
  • Praetorian Empire
Founding document

Declaration of a New Order


Imperial Charter

Head of State
  • Galactic Emperor Mar "Regoram" Gore (... til 210 ABY)
  • Interregnum (210 ABY - 250 ABY, held up by Rey Kavar and Aeaolen Kicka™)
  • Emperor-Primarch Aeaolen Kicka (250 ABY - 254 ABY)
Head of Government

Gore Dynasty

  • Galactic Emperor

Kicka Dynasty


Gore Dynasty

Kicka Dynasty

Executive branch
Legislative branch
Societal information


Official language

Basic, High Imperial

  • Galactic Credit
  • Imperial Credit
State religious body
National holiday
  • Empire Day
  • Emperor's Birthday

Hail to the Emperor!

Historical information
Formed from

Imperial Remnant

Date of fragmentation


Date of reorganization

252 ABY (Kicka)

Date of dissolution

254 ABY (Kicka)

Date of restoration

260 ABY (Succeeded by another Kicka Empire)

The Galactic Empire also known as the Second Galactic Empire, the Imperium, the Empire and finally Mar's Galactic Empire was a galactic government that spanned throughout the north eastern part of the galaxy and was lead by Emperor Mar "Regoram" Gore for the majority of its existence. In the waning days of the Empire the Kicka family rose to prominence and eventually Aeaolen Kicka™ became Emperor-Primarch.

Under the Kicka family the Empire eventually transformed into the Kicka Empire under Hadrian Kicka and eventually Alaric Kicka. The Empire under Mar had battle through nearly disastrous events such as the Imperial-Chiss War, the Praxeum Wars and the Fallen War. However the Empire kept relatively neutral and often only skirmished with the Galactic Republic (Lok).



Rise of the Kicka familyEdit

Fall of Mar's Galactic EmpireEdit


The Galactic Empire under Mar was dominated by a vast unorganized bureaucracy which was headed by the Grand Moffs and Moffs it was not until the rise of the Kicka's that the Empire received its first layering of organization. Originally the Imperial Ministry of State and Imperial Ministry of Economics was founded which assisted the Empire in taxation and keeping the bureaucracy which was vastly corrupt in line.

In the later part of the Empire organization was vastly increased when the Imperial Ecclesiarchy began to dominate the hierarchy of the bureaucracy and instilled a hard-working and disciplined attitude into the masses of the Empire.


Taxation and tithes were the main source of funding for the Empire. When the Imperial Ministry of Economics was founded the amount of taxes and the monetary amount was increased ten-fold.


The Imperial Military under the Empire was suspected by military experts to be larger than the Empire under Emperor Palpatine. However when Emperor Regoram returned to the galaxy for the second time he reformed the Imperial Military at the behest of Imperial War General Rey Kavar who organized the Imperial Army and the Stormtroopers according to the hierarchy of the Grand Army of the Republic.


Despite the term of Galactic the Empire was anything but galactic, the military had a galactic reach however the Empire never extended outside of the Outer Rim and a few worlds towards the Core. It was the Sovereign War that saw the Empire first become "galactic" again. The Imperial Ministry of State numbered the "member worlds" as nearly 2 million including worlds such as Bastion, Yaga Minor and at one point Dac.

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