This article is about the government under Chief of State Eylon. You may be looking for other uses of the term.

Galactic Alliance
Galactic Alliance
Political information
Type of government

Parliamentary Federal Republic

Founding document

Declaration of a Galactic Alliance


Galactic Alliance Common Charter

Head of State
Head of Government

Head of State shared jointly with the Minister of Defense

Executive branch
Legislative branch

Galactic Alliance Senate

Judicial branch

Galactic Alliance Courts

Societal information

Dac (Mon Calamari)

Official language

Galactic Basic


Galactic Alliance Credit (Galactic Credit)

National holiday
  • Restoration Day
  • Galactic Alliance Day
  • Endor Day
Historical information
Formed from

Galactic Republic (Lok)

Date of establishment

233 ABY

Date of dissolution

254 ABY

Date of restoration

255 ABY as Galactic Alliance (Darkstar)


The Galactic Alliance was the government that succeeded the Galactic Republic (Lok) after Supreme Chancellor Lok Kavar stepped down in an effort to appease his critics and the opposition that had arose in the Senate. Eylon Mathandrir, Senator from Ryloth was elected Supreme Chancellor after an election in 233 ABY. The Galactic Alliance was often called the New Republic but it officially was named the Galactic Alliance. Eylon shifted between the title of Supreme Chancellor and ended his tenure as head of state as the Chief of State which would last as the head of state until Faras in 260 ABY.


Society and CultureEdit

The Galactic Alliance had a much freer and liberal society when Eylon came to power, the prosperous amount of liberty and freedom allowed for those to speak their mind about the government when they were typically cracked down on by the police forces of Chancellor Lok.


The Galactic Alliance economy still was based off the Galactic Credit, however the Supreme Chancellor attempted to use the Galactic Alliance Credit as a new credit to combat the Imperial Credit which begun to rise in Imperial Space. The economy of the Alliance suffered as a result of many corporations becoming privatized after the Supreme Chancellor and the Minister of Finance deciding to reverse many of the nationalization decisions of Lok.


The Galactic Alliance Defense Forces under the reign of Supreme Chancellor Eylon were very different from the Galactic Republic Military under Supreme Chancellor Lok Kavar. The Galactic Alliance Defense Forces consisted of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet and the Galactic Alliance Army, the Defense Fleet also had units raised to serve as marines who saw a large portion of the action. The Galactic Alliance Army was mainly used for garrison duty and planetary assaults while the marines were used as the front line troops.


The Galactic Alliance was the inheritor of Lok's legacy and the massive amount of worlds that Lok had brought into the fold of the Republic. It numbered over a million worlds at it's height.

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