Dark Lord of the Sith (Sith: Jen'ari) is a title that has been known throughout history as one of the most powerful positions ever, the Dark Lord of the Sith, also known as the Dark Lady of the Sith at times was the head of the Old Sith Order and is head of the New Sith Order. It is a title has been claimed many times by many individuals sometime their inheritance was by right or by usurpation.

List of the Dark Lords of the SithEdit

Historical RecordEdit

  • Darth Kar reigned for almost a year. (Peace times)
  • Kage reigned for a few months. (First Jedi War)
  • Degos reigned for a few months. (Dark War)
  • Zada reigned for a few months. (Dark War)
  • Gritus reigned for a year. (Revelation War)
  • Griever reigned for a few weeks. (Revelation War)
  • Regoram reigned for a few weeks. (Second Jedi War)
  • Xeph reigned for a few weeks. (Second Jedi War)
  • Mace Lalonde reigned for a few weeks. (Second Jedi War)
  • Vexx reigned for a few months. (Praxeum War)
  • Regoram has been reigning for four months. (Third Jedi War, Fallen War)
  • Darth Razr reigned first for a week as Interim Dark Lord when Regoram left for 2 months.
  • Aeaolen Kicka became Interim Dark Lord of The Sith for 1 month until Regoram returned.
  • Regoram returned taking back the throne then disappears to train more.
  • Aeaolen Kicka retakes the throne as Regorams absence, has been ruling for a few months.
  • Regoram returned and Aeaolen returns to the Second Seat on the Council.
  • Jaster Fel takes the throne after Regorams resignation. (Death Campaign)
  • Tiver Fel takes the throne from Jaster Fel
  • Ewan Xen Rcieves throne following the death of Tiver
  • Tremere Vulcanis revieves the throne after Ewan hands it down to him after a couple days
  • Just a mere two months into Tremere's reign, Ex-Dark Lord Fel assaults the Temple, securing the mantle back for himself.

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