Related events

Battle of Rendili

Coruscant Accords

Galactic Dark Age

Date proposed

Helona, 265 ABY

Proposed by

Minister of State Mathias Severin with backing of the New Republic Senate.


Kicka Empire

New Republic

Key individuals

Kicka Emperor Alaric Kicka

Minister of State Mathias Severin

  • House of Kicka forfeits all claims on the throne of Emperor.
  • Alaric Kicka abdicates the throne in favor of a non-noble and governmental official.
  • New Republic gains the majority of the worlds lost during the Sovereign War and the Kicka Empire returns solely to Imperial Space.

The Coruscant Accords also known as the Treaty of Coruscant was the treaty signed by New Republic Minister of State Mathias Severin and the Kicka Emperor Alaric Kicka in Helona 265 ABY which officially ended the Kicka Empires dominance over the galaxy and removed the Kicka's from the known galaxy.


An uneasy peaceEdit


The terms of the treaty were simple, the Kickas would renounce all claims on the Empire and the throne of Emperor. Alaric was forced to abdicate the throne in favor of someone not affiliated with the Kicka family and the New Republic was to gain the worlds lost during the Sovereign War.


In the New Republic the treaty was hailed as a glorious achievement of diplomacy over the Imperial menace while Mathias Severin was hailed a hero. The Kicka Empire took the news harsh as a mass exodus to the worlds within Imperial space took place, hundreds of high-ranking officers rebelled and were quickly squashed by the loyal Imperial forces however High Admiral Disra took a swathe of the Empire with him and is currently the largest and most dangerous Warlord against Grand Vizier Saris.

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