• The New Republic launches a surprise attack on the Kicka Empire at Rendili. (Elona, 265 ABY)
  • Reports and rumors surface that Supreme Chancellor Vand disappeared while conducting diplomacy. (Elona, 265 ABY)
  • Lion El'Jonson is promoted to Master of the Order of the New Jedi Order. (Kelona, 265 ABY)
  • Reports and rumors state that the New Republic Senate is preparing for a New Chancery election. (Kelona, 265 ABY)
  • The Kicka Empire is defeated at Rendili (Telona, 265 ABY)
  • The Kicka Empire is defeated at Ixtlar and finally Coruscant, the New Republic and the Kicka Empire agree to the Coruscant Accords which forces the Kicka family to denounce their claim on the Imperial throne and forces Alaric's abdication. Commissioner of the Imperial Security Bureau Jolan Saris takes over de facto control of the Empire by being declared Grand Vizier. (Helona, 265 ABY)


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